NEW - Christophe Robin Dreamy volume gift set


The aroma alone will send you off into a rose tinted day dream.  Christophe Robin's best-selling volumising range draws on the fragrant allure of three different rose extracts to naturally volumize, soften and protect your fine, coloured hair. 

♥︎ Rosehip seed oil 

♥︎ Steam distilled rosa centifolia water (from the petals of the Provence rose) 

♥︎ Rosa Gallaca glycerin extract  

The cleansing volume paste with pure rassoul clay uses this ancient ingredient beloved of the Berbers to deeply clean and remineralise the hair and scalp, while adding density without weight at the roots. This hair treatment shampoo acts like a blotting paper for oils - you'll find your hair stays cleaner for longer.  Our tip: a little goes a long way. Start with a hazelnut sized amount of paste in your palm, add a dribble of water and emulsify, then massage into your scalp and roots and rinse really well. 

As well as sweet scented roses, Christophe Robin's volume conditioner also contain Baobab leaf extract, which acts like a hyaluronic acid for your hair by drawing moisture to the hair follicle to soften and smooth.


- Cleansing volumizing paste with pure rassoul clay, 250 ml – 8.33 fl.ozVolumizing and densifying shampoo.

Deeply cleanses and brings tonicity, body and lightness for an incredible volume from  the roots.

- Volume conditioner with rose extracts, 75ml - 2.54 fl.ozDetangling and protective care.

Helps detangle, restores lightness, volume and natural hold to hair.

- Instant volume mist with rose water, 50 ml- 1.7 fl.ozDensifying care for roots and lengths.

As a final touch, it enables easy styling, lasting hold and natural volume from the roots.

Alcohol free. Do not rinse. 

Directions for use: 

- Cleansing volumizing paste with pure rassoul clay and rose extracts : Apply on wet hair, massage into the scalp, emulsify then rinse

- Volume conditioner with rose extracts : Apply after shampoo on lengths and ends, emulsify, detangle , then rinse.

- Instant volume mist with rose water : Shake before use. Apply on roots and lengths before styling towel-dried or dry hair 

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