Moisturizing hair oil with lavender, 150ml


Your can't-live-without product. 

An ultra-nourishing and protective treatment for all hair types, the Moisturising hair oil with lavender has become a cult product for deeply repairing and protecting sensitive hair. With SPF 6, it safeguards your colour from the oxidising effect of the sun and preserves shine.  We can't live without it as a sunscreen for the beach, and as our go-to lazy-girl treatment - applying it on dry hair before bed so it can do its job while we sleep. 


Paraben, silicone, SLS and alcohol free.



Directions for use:

Before use, run the bottle under hot water or warm it up in your palms to liquify the balm. Apply a very small amount to dry hair, working into the hair lengths, ends, and hairline. Brush through evenly distribute and help it penetrate. Avoid applying directly to the scalp.  

As an intense repair treatment :

Apply on dry hair before using the cleansing mask with lemon. Leave in for one hour or overnight.

Protective treatment:

Apply before sun exposure (which oxidises colour), on the beach or by the pool (chlorine turns coloured hair green, salt dries it out)


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